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In the future, companies will have to rely on their own production and reuse of water, especially at peak times and in times when drinking water companies cannot meet the demand or cannot meet it in full.


Therefore, Ekopak provides a specialized offering in industrial water treatment with a sustainable character.

Target groups

The target groups of Ekopak are in the first place companies active in:


Water is important to companies and their business processes. They need high quality water for steam boilers, cooling towers, process plants and other production facilities. To keep their machines, equipment and plants in good condition, constant monitoring and treatment of water quality is essential.


Ekopak analyzes each project individually and develops a customized solution. Subsequently the installations are installed at the customer’s site. We can also guide customers to solutions for financing. Finally, we ensure that installations remain operational 24/7, among other things through constant remote monitoring & management and lightning-fast interventions.

We call this way of working ‘DBFO’:
  • Design
  • Build
  • Finance
  • Operate

This integrated approach guarantees sustainable and cost-effective solutions tailored to every budget.


Ekopak pairs trusted systems with technological innovation. Our services consist of three pillars: equipment, chemicals and disinfection.


Ekopak’s solutions provide high quality boiler and cooling water that keeps machinery and equipment in good condition


Depending on the quality of the feed water and the customer’s requirements, Ekopak supplies the right chemicals for corrosion control, for example.


Ekopak has a wide range of methods for disinfecting water – from drinking water to water for industrial applications – for example for Legionella.

All-in-one solution | WaaS

With WaaS (Water-as-a-Service), Ekopak offers companies a quick solution for permanent water supply. The WaaS containers contain all the equipment and functions needed to produce water of optimal quality in a sustainable way. This containerized solution allows for quick and cost-effective construction at our headquarters, easy transportation to and minimum work at our customers’ sites.


Specific services provided by Ekopak are cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, water disinfection, corrosion control, ultrafiltration and legionella control. Ekopak applies advanced techniques, including reverse osmosis.


Ekopak focuses on speed. Our company monitors the operation of the installations at customers day and night. Ekopak is available 24/7 for any repairs, emergencies and stock outages.

Ekopak in numbers

  • Active In the water market since 2004

  • Clients In more than 10 countries

  • Grew to 5 times its original size in just 6 years
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