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Caring about the mental health of our people

It’s the people – our Eko-wolfpack – that carry the organization and ensure Ekopak can develop sustainably. However, people who are pushed too far will lose the motivation and the ability to continue to contribute their very best to our shared goal.. At Ekopak we are vigilant and we aim to keep the team spirit high. We have a responsibility to take care of our people – and their mental health, today and in the future.


Passionate people who feel good can change the world.

Building and spreading knowledge about decentralized water supply

Ekopak operates in a relatively new industry. The knowledge about decentralized water supply is not yet widely available. This puts a double responsibility on Ekopak’s shoulders: we need to adequately train our own employees, but we also need to prepare a new generation for a future in renewable water.


By spreading the knowledge about decentralized water supply as widely as possible, the potential change that it can create will grow exponentially.