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A message
from our CEO

2021: strong performance and strategic decisions

Dear stakeholders,

We are at the end of March 2022 when I write this foreword to Ekopak’s Annual Report 2021. It seems a bit strange to look back at 2021 at a time that 2022 has already progressed so far. Moreover, my focus always tends to be more on today and to making plans for the future. Yet it is useful – and even necessary – to look back every now and then. Reflecting on the past enables me to look towards the future with greater insight. The editing of this annual report offers a unique opportunity to this end.

In 2021, we have taken a number of important decisions. We have chosen to embark on certain roads that will determine the future of Ekopak. Whereas we were in 2021 intensively focused on implementing those decisions to the best of our ability, I see today primarily the broader strategic context. I want to share that perspective with you.

In 2021, we have taken a number of important decisions that will determine the future of Ekopak.

Pieter Loose – CEO

The IPO in March 2021, for example, was much more about than just raising funds. This step also indicates that Ekopak resolutely embraces a growth strategy.The IPO also implies that Ekopak chooses to report transparently and on a regular basis about the progress in  implementing its growth strategy.

In April 2021 Ekopak signed the principles of the UN Global Compact, which has an enormous scope.  Ekopak hereby commits itself to fully integrate sustainability into its strategy and its activities. Ekopak’s growth strategy is a sustainable growth strategy. In order to determine the sustainability of our activities, we adopt a validated methodology. In the future we will report on our progress in that area on an annual basis.

What a journey we have made in 2021. And the best is yet to come! 2022 has certainly got off to a strong start.

Pieter Loose – CEO

The foundation of Ekopak France does not only enable Ekopak to better respond to opportunities on the French market. It is also the very first step in our strategy to achieve sustainable growth through geographical expansion.

The introduction of the Water-as-a-Service business model was already mentioned at the IPO. Our conviction that we can really make a difference with the WaaS model has grown tremendously, as we have clearly indicated this in our half-year report of September 2021.  The  triple digit growth of the WaaS-revenue in 2021 highlights the potential for this business.

In short, in 2021 we embarked on a number of paths that are of great strategic importance. I am amazed at what we have been able to achieve in 2021. What a journey we have already made! And the best is yet to come! 2022 has got off to a strong start: as the driving force in the Waterkracht joint venture, we are going to put our shoulders to the wheel in this project to recycle 20 billion litres of Antwerp waste water into process water for the Port of Antwerp every year from 2025 onwards. The drive that sports journalists refer to when writing about the Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl cycling team – of which we are a co-sponsor – is certainly also vibrant within Ekopak. We too are passionate to push our limits, to achieve success and to further strengthen our team.

I am very grateful to everyone who has contributed to these achievements and to everyone who has honoured us by putting their trust in us. We will continue to count on you, just as you can count on us.

Pieter Loose, CEO