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Annual Report

A message from our CEO

Welcome to Ekopak’s first Annual report

For the first time ever, I would like to welcome our stakeholders to our annual report. The timing for this is not a coincidence. 2021 was a year of incredible growth for Ekopak and pushed us towards important decisions and changes.

2021 was a year of incredible growth, and we are nowhere near slowing down.

Pieter Loose CEO

If you can have a big impact, you should go for it

To understand what the concept means to Ekopak specifically, and how integral it is to the company’s strategy, we sat down for a chat with CEO Pieter Loose and Chairperson of the Board Pieter Bourgeois.

Key Figures of 2021

6.6M 2018
10.2M 2019
9.5M 2020
11.3M 2021
90%-10% Ekopak Belgium
100%-0% Ekopak France
80%-20% iServ
83%-17% Ekopak Sustainable Water
67%-33% Management
57%-43% Board of Directors
63 Ekopak Belgium
2 Ekopak France
14 iServ
79 Total
159% WaaS Segment
11% Non-WaaS Segment
19% Total Segment
168% WaaS Segment
169% Non-WaaS Segment
168% Total Segment
-47% Total Consolidated

About this report

The story behind Ekopak’s mission and growth

A lot has happened for Ekopak in these past few years. It’s a good time to take a step back and appreciate how far we have come, before we put our heads down again to tackle the work that is still in front of us.

Turning Water Users into Water Producers

Smarter & More Sustainable

Our Business Segments

A ongoing journey

Major changes don’t come without their challenges and have highlighted new needs for Ekopak. To manage its explosive growth and create a stable environment for future success, Ekopak can’t continue operating on the same fundaments

No Drop
to Waste

The Tide


Ekopak’s Sustainability Pillars & SDG’s

Renewable Water Use

The right water source for the right application

Safe Water Use

Quality & continuity to guarantee safety


Passion & knowlegde to renew water

Asset Management

Minimize the negative impact of our buildings & mobility

If you’d like to help us, and everyone in our very own Eko-wolfpack, broaden our perspective on our company and its impact, we welcome your insights, thoughts, opinions, feedback, and other critical reflections via